Enjoy online, ‘BIC Festival 2020’ exhibiting 140 titles have fixed!
2020-10-16 조회 2075
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Enjoy Indie games anywhere at any time!

Enjoy online, ‘BIC Festival 2020’ exhibiting 140 titles have fixed!

- BIC Festival 2020-Untact Live fixed the 140 exhibiting titles… 105 selected,18 invited games

- More accessible environment expected to give more opportunities to developers

- The early-bird ticket deal offers a 50% discount until Oct 10th on Ticketlink.co.kr


--Busan, Korea— October 8, 2020 - Busan Metropolitan City (Acting Mayor Sung-Wan Byeon), Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency (President & CEO In-Sook Lee), and Busan Indie Connect Festival Organizing Committee (Executive Chairman Tae-Geon Seo) announced that 140 exhibiting game title lists had been confirmed.


“BIC Festival” will introduce 78 titles in General Division, 27 titles in Rookie Division, 18 titles of “Again BIC,” and 17 partners and sponsors’ titles. Among those 140 titles, 26 games will be exhibited through the Cloud gaming service “GeForce Now” which is serviced by "LG Uplus" in Korea. It has 101 PC games, 44 mobile games, 17 console games, and 1 VR platform game.


The exhibiting innovative titles of BIC Festival has received a lot of interest from gamers and has shown higher quality year by year. In addition, the Indie game developers are allowed to exhibit in their developing environment since BIC Festival will be held online this year. The game playing and demonstrating will be more stable. Also, expect more opportunities for developers since the event is more accessible to the gamers and various people in the gaming industry.


The detailed information of exhibiting games will be shown on the BIC Festival official website, and the cloud exhibiting information will be revealed on October 12.


Meanwhile, the organization offers a 50% discount for the early-bird tickets. The deal is 1,500KRW for a “Daily Ticket”, and a “Free-pass Ticket” with the Cloud game playing privilege for 7,500KRW.


BIC Festival 2020 will be hosted online for 7days from Oct 19th to 25th. Beginning with the opening ceremony on 19th, conference sessions on 20th-24th, and BIC award will be announced on the 25th.


During the festival, gamers can enjoy various titles from unreleased, newly released, and past released games through BIC Festival. Through the exhibition page, visitors can listen to the developing story and communicate with the developer. Cloud service will allow the gamers to enjoy the titles conveniently anywhere at any time.


Tae-Geon Seo, Executive Chairman of the Busan Indie Connect Festival Organizing Committee, said, “The opportunities to promote and communicate for Indie developers have reduced due to the outbreak of COVID-19. This BIC Festival allows the developer to be able to get more feedback, and gamers to be able to enjoy various Indie games anywhere at any time.”

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